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PUBLAK International Group of Companies has established itself as an international business Group in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. Publak International Group has success stories in many fields of businesses like media, advertising and marketing, Car rental, Real-Estate, Fashion and Clothes, Education and businessmen services. Our famous and active companies are  Public TV Media (Pvt) Ltd | Public News and Media Corporation SMC (Pvt)Ltd | Publak Fashion SMC (Pvt)LtdFuture Star Rent a Car LLCPublak car dealers SMC (Pvt) Ltd |Publak Real-estate SMC (Pvt) Ltd |Publak  International Institute SMC (Pvt) Ltd and Aamer Habib International (A.H.I) Services SMC (Pvt) Ltd.

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Publak Group
Public TV Media
Publak Rent A Car
Public News & Media
Publak Cars Dealer
Publak Institute
Publak Business
Publak Real Estate
Publak Fashion

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